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Soft-Tissue Surgery

May 08 2022

Soft tissue surgeries are a critical part of veterinary medicine, addressing a wide range of health conditions in pets. These surgeries are used to treat masses, tumors, hernias, and defects in internal organs, as well as cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, skin, and urogenital disorders. Soft tissue surgeries encompass everything outside of the neurological system, bones, muscles, and joints, including surgeries related to the liver, spleen, pancreas, bladder, and more.

At Canton Animal Hospital, our skilled veterinary team performs a variety of soft tissue surgeries. These procedures range from routine mass removals and laceration repairs to complex surgeries, such as oncological, cardiothoracic, and urogenital procedures. We use the latest surgical techniques and equipment to ensure that each procedure is performed safely and effectively.

In addition to planned soft tissue surgeries, our team is also available for emergency situations. We do our best to stay on call to perform procedures related to internal bleeding, bite wounds, bloating, and other critical conditions. Our goal is to provide prompt and effective care to alleviate your pet's pain and prevent further complications.

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Surgical care at CAH

Our veterinarians adhere to the highest standard of care for all surgical procedures. Our doctors place the uppermost priority on pain management to ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable throughout the entire surgical procedure (pre-peri, and post-operation). Care doesn’t stop at pre-operative care, we ensure that pet parents are instructed with all pre-surgical dietary restrictions, and procedural updates, and have the correct paperwork filed to make the surgery day less stressful. All vaccination requirements and pre-surgery administrative needs are handled seamlessly by hospital staff. After surgery, our technicians monitor the patient until fully awake. 

Prioritizing post-operative care for best outcomes

Your pet may experience mild, moderate, or severe pain after soft-tissue surgery, for which reason your veterinary team employs both preventative and multimodal pain management techniques and protocols to help your pet heal with the magnitude of surgical trauma they may experience. These protocols require different degrees of care depending on the severity of the surgical procedure needed. Depending on the nature of your pet’s condition and especially in the case of major soft-tissue surgeries, your pet will stay at the hospital under supervised care. If your pet is sick, needs intensive care or experiences any surgical complications, a longer stay may be necessary prior to discharge. At the time of discharge, our team will walk you through a multitude of post-operative care procedures that you can monitor at home as well as any other recommendations that will aid in a swift and healthy recovery for your pet. 

Soft Tissue Surgeries We Offer

Here at CAH, we perform a variety of specific surgeries to help treat injuries and diseases in cats and dogs. Our highly trained team ensures your pet receives the attentive care they deserve.

Spay & Neutering (Elective Surgeries)

Spaying and neutering your dog and cat is one of the most important preventative health measures you can take. These common surgical procedures prevents pregancies in your pets and help reduce your pet’s risk of other medical conditions.

Cystotomy Surgery (Bladder Stone Removal)

This surgical procedure involves opening the urinary bladder and the removal of bladder stones in dogs that may be creating difficulty or obstruction in your pet’s ability to urine.

Hernia Repair Surgery

This surgical procedure is commonly performed in dogs that experience various forms of hernias in their life. Misplaced abdominal contents are removed and defects between the abdomen and other body cavities are repaired.

Perineal Urethrostomy (PU)

This procedure is commonly performed in male cats with urinary obstructions. It involes the removal of the narrowest part of the urethra, making it easier for your feline friend to urinate.

Anal Gland Removal

This procedure (anal sacculectomy) provides dogs with permanent relief of impacts from anal gland infection through the removal of a canine’s anal glands.


I would like to sincerely thank Dr. Dhaliwal and his staff for the excellent care they have all provided to my Lena. I've been bringing Lena to Dr. Dhaliwal since I got her as a baby. Lena was so terrified of men that she just shook when she first met him. He soon won her over with his calm, gentle demeanor however. Now all I have to do is say his name and she runs straight to the door ready to go see him.

Wendy E.
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