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Emergency & Critical Care

Jun 12 2022

We’re Always Here For You and Your Pet

Canton Animal Hospital is always open to help your pet in an emergency. Similar to human medicine, our team evaluates each case that’s present in order to prioritize the most critical patients and begin their treatment. If your pet is showing any symptoms or behaviors which are causing your concern, don’t hesitate to reach out to our hospital. 

Common situations that require immediate emergency care include:

  • Severe vomiting or diarrhea; 2+ episodes in 24 hours

  • Severe bleeding or bleeding that doesn't stop

  • Obvious signs of pain or extreme anxiety

  • Choking, difficulty breathing, or continuous coughing/gagging

  • Fractured bones or severe lameness

  • Seizures and/or staggering

  • Injuries to the eye(s)

  • Your pet has ingested something poisonous (such as antifreeze, xylitol, chocolate, rodent poison, etc.)

  • Heat stress or heatstroke

  • Refusal to drink for 24 hours or more

  • Unconsciousness

  • Bleeding from the nose, mouth, rectum, or blood in the urine

  • Inability to urinate or pass feces, or pain associated with urinating or passing feces

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Steps To Take in a Pet Emergency

In the case of a veterinary emergency, follow the below steps:

Step 1: Call Ahead If Possible: if you’re noticing any symptoms or behaviors during our regular business hours, don’t hesitate to call us. If outside our open hours, call the after-hours animal hospital closest to you and let them know you’re en route. 

Step 2: Follow the Instructions Provided: When you call to inform us about an emergency visit, instructions will be provided to you on how to apply first aid to your pet or otherwise make your pet as comfortable as possible. Each case is different, but our team will direct you on what you can do before arriving to see us. 

Step 3: Remain As Calm As Possible: We understand how stressful emergency situations can be, but remain as calm and careful around your pet as possible. When in pain, your pet can often react negatively towards those trying to help and this could cause them to bite or scratch. 

Step 4: Bring Your Pet Into the Hospital: Don’t put yourself at risk! Safely bring your pet to our hospital and let us take things from there to assess your pet’s condition and emergency care approach. In some instances, pets may need to remain overnight at the hospital for extended care. At Canton Animal Hospital, we do offer overnight care for pets in need and are dedicated to your pet’s swift recovery.

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This place was amazing! I called and was able to get in within 40 minutes of my call which was 2 hours before they closed too! I called at least 8 other Emergency Vets before calling them and I would go back in a heartbeat! The techs and DVM were wonderful and so caring. Alice, my 16-year-old cat, is happy to be back home.

Heather D.
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Emergency Vet Care FAQs

We receive questions about emergency and urgent care services we provide to pets in need of immediate care from time to time. Here are soem of the most frequently received questions that we've gotten from clients.


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