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Corrective & Cosmetic Surgery

Jun 02 2022

There are a number of common corrective and cosmetic procedures that pet parents request for their pets that include ear trims and tail docking. However, these ‘cosmetic procedures’ can also have huge health benefits for some pets. There are pets that are born with or may develop certain conditions that are commonly experienced in their breed characteristics.

Repairing congenital defects through corrective surgery can strongly improve the quality of life for such pets and alleviate the suffering they experience (e.g., pets with conditions like cleft palates or luxating patella - chronic dislocating kneecaps). Another common surgery specific to dogs with short noses (e.g., English Bulldog, French Bulldog, Pug, Pekingese, and Boston Terrier) is a stenotic nares corrective procedure. Since these dogs have been bred specifically for the short-nosed face, these dogs can have undersized or flattened throats and airways, a condition commonly known as Brachycephalic Syndrome. Persian cats are also known to have this condition as well and require surgical attention in order to improve their breathing.

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What to expect with corrective or cosmetic surgeries at CAH

Our veterinarians adhere to the highest standard of care for all surgical procedures. Our doctors place the uppermost priority on pain management to ensure that your pet is safe and comfortable throughout the entire surgical procedure (pre-peri, and post-operation). Care doesn’t stop at pre-operative care, we ensure that pet parents are instructed with all pre-surgical dietary restrictions, and procedural updates, and have the correct paperwork filed to make the surgery day less stressful. All vaccination requirements and pre-surgery administrative needs are handled seamlessly by hospital staff. After surgery, our technicians monitor the patient until fully awake. Once the pet is conscious, we let pet parents know the pet is ready for discharge or if the pet requires additional hospitalized monitoring. In most cases, pets can be discharged the same day as surgery, except for when it comes to major soft-tissue surgeries, which may require additional medical care. All these details are addressed between the pet parent and the veterinarian or technician.

What does recovery look like for cosmetic or corrective surgeries?

Depending on the procedure performed and each pet’s specific needs, post-surgical care instructions may vary. However, there are some common things you will see as part of our surgery recovery care routine, which include medication, an Elizabethan collar, and possible bandages for the healing process.

We ensure that pet-safe medications for pain management and inflammation are shared with you as well as detailed instructions and tips from our veterinarians and technicians on how to administer them. We also give Elizabethan collars, along with bandages over the surgical site when necessary. The collar helps prevent your pet from scratching or licking and prevents them from risking removing surgical sutures. Aside from this care, the most important ingredient towards your pet’s swift recovery will be rest.

Corrective & Cosmetic Surgeries We Offer

Here at CAH, we perform a variety of corrective and cosmetic surgeries to help treat injuries and diseases in cats and dogs. Our highly trained team ensures your pet receives the attentive care they deserve.

Cat Declaw

Declaw (onychectomy) is a procedure that involves the permanent removal of a cat’s claws. This procedure is typically performed in kittens and requires brif post-surgical care in the hospital to minimize complications.

Dog Ear Cropping

This cosmetic procedure involves the removal of the ear flap (pinna) and is commonly performed for brands such as Doberman pinscher, Boxers, Great Danes, and Pit Bull terriers.

Entropion & Ectropion Eye Surgery

Surgical procedures to treat conditions in which the pet’s eyelids roll inward towards the eye (entropion) or outward away from the eye (ectropion). These surgeries prevent pain and irritation the pet would otherwise experience daily.

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