Meet our remarkable pet patients who are part of our Canton family. It’s been a privilege to serve each and every one of these inspiring furry friends.


This place was amazing! I called and was able to get in within 40 minutes of my call which was 2 hours before they closed too! I called at least 8 other Emergency Vets before calling them and I would go back in a heartbeat! The techs and DVM were wonderful and so caring. Alice, my 16 year old cat, is happy to be back home.

Heather D.

Our dog Maya is one of our very best friends. When we saw her limping we were worried. She wouldn't run or use the stairs. We did research and learned that it was most likely a problem with her knee. The staff was quick to take a look via x-ray. They told us that she would need surgery. At first we were skeptical and tried to brace the knee and took extra special care of Maya. After six months she was still limping and having trouble with the stairs. We took her back to Dr. Dhaliwal for another look. He showed us pictures of other knee surgeries he'd done and we decided to give it a try. It took three days before Maya was comfortable walking and on the fourth she was running! She uses the stairs just as she used to and loves to play again! We are so grateful for Dr. Dhaliwal and the whole staff. Thank you so much!

Jeff Y.

Very affordable and nice staff. My dog had a injury that required weekly check-ups and dressing changes, did not get charged after initial visit, could have been very costly for us. Thanks Doc and staff!!!!

Paul F.

We said goodbye to this sweet dog about 5 weeks ago with the help of Dr. Dhaliwal and his caring staff. Thank you all so much for the tenderness with which you helped us through that very difficult and sad time. Lucy could not have been in better hands--nor could we.

Rebecca M. & Gary S.

We were first time clients when we brought in a stray kitten we found outside our apartment. She was extremely timid and had what we thought to be an infected abscess on her cheek, but Dr.Dhaliwal and staff were very gentle and loving with her and took great care in treating what turned out to be a larvae that burrowed into her skin. She is in much better spirits since her visit and is quickly becoming a very affectionate and grateful kitty. I would like to personally recommend this facility to anyone looking for genuine, quality medical/emotional attention for their pets

Caleb Z.

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