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Dermatology & Pet Allergies

Jun 12 2022

Pet Allergies and Itchy Skin Relief

Just like their parents, pets are susceptible to allergic reactions to environmental factors that impact their immune systems. Your pet’s body will identiffy allergens (substants that pets are allergic to) as harmful, triggering an immune system response to fight the threat sensed. Such responses can be observed in the form of respiratory effects, digestive effects, dermal effects, as well as systempic effects.

Common symptoms that your pet may be suffering from allergies or skin irritations include: 

  • Itchiness or bumps

  • Scratching and chewing

  • Rashes or redness

  • Paw licking and paw infections

  • Chronic skin infections

  • Severe dandruff

  • Chronic ear infections

  • Hair loss

  • Coughing

  • Wheezing or airway constriction

  • Diarrhea and chronic digestive upset

  • Flea allergies

  • Mange (Demodex and scabies)

  • Hormonal and auto-immune skin diseases

  • Sudden drops in blood pressure

  • Seizures

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If you suspect that your pet is suffering from an allergic reaction or skin condition that is causing them trouble, it is recommended to make an appointment for your pet to be observed. At Canton Animal Hospital, our goal is to recognize the different skin conditions and allergic reactions your pet may be experiencing and apply the state of the art therapies to improve their quality of life. We aim to provide the highest quality medical care, diagnostics and pet parent education regarding their pet’s condition and ways to mitigate irritation in their daily life.

Dermatology & Pet Allergy Services We Offer

Here at Canton Animal Hospital, we diagnose and treat various skin disorders and pet allergies. Some of our most common diagnostic testing services include the following:

Allergen-Specific Immunotherapy (ASIT)

Allergen specific immunotherapy, commonly referred to as allergy shots is the most effective way to treat airborne allergies, sometimes resulting in permanent cures.

Endocrine (Hormone) Function and Stimulation Testing

Endocrine function testing measures the different hormone levels in the blood such as cortisol, thyroxine, ACTH, parathyroid hormone, insulin and growth hormone. Stimulation testing are timed blood tests that measure the response of endocrine glands to stimulating the hormones.

Ear Infections

Ear infections are commonly seen in dogs, but can become serious if left untreatedd. Bacterial infections are most commonly caused by yeast, ear mites, and funcus, while other causes for infections can be foreign objects lodged in the ear, trauma or tumors or polyps.

Bacterial and Fungal Cultures

A bacterial or fungul culture test is a method of identifying specific fungus that is infection a cat or a dog looking at conditons such as ringworm. Fungal culture tests combined with a physical examination help the veterinary team find teh best treatment plan for your pet.

Serum Allergy Testing (RAST)

A RAST (Radioallergosorbent) test is a blood test that can be used to determine whether a dog is allergic to certain antigens and is often performed as part of workup for atopy (a skin manifestation of inhalant allergies).

Food Trial Plans

Food trial plans are monitored closely with a veterinarian and aid in diagnosing a pet with a food allergy by removing all current fed foods and beginning a strict food diet trial to identify unique protein and carbohydrate sources the pet has been previously exposed to.

Skin Scraping, Cytology, and Skin Biopsies

Skin scraping, cytology and biopsies are common diagnostic perocedures performed to evaluate the type of cells in an abnormal area of skin or skin growth.

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