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Friday's Story

Oct 01 2007


Friday was a feral cat that suffered from a surprise attack from a neighboring dog. Dr. Dhaliwal's team played a critical role in Friday's 4-month recovery. He met Dr. Dhaliwal and his team for surgery and received special care that aided in steady progress in his recovery. This is his story, as told by his parents:

TGIF! This is Friday.  To see him now, you'd never think he was so injured that he was given less than a 5% chance of survival.

In fact, Dr. Dhaliwal named him the Miracle Cat of 2007.  Friday was a feral cat, mauled by an unleashed dog.  Neighbors saw the dog with something in its jaws, repeatedly slamming it on the ground.  They were able to catch the dog and force it to release the cat, but when they went back for the cat, it was gone.

I searched the alley for five days but no cat.

On a Friday morning, I stepped out to go to work, and there was the cat laying in the doorway.  He was too weak to stand, barely able to resist, so I scooped him up and drove him to Dr. Dhaliwal.   

Dr. Dhaliwal didn't think he'd live long enough to examine it completely but could tell the cat was not getting oxygen so he plunked it in an oxygen tent.    An hour later the cat was still alive and trying to breathe on his own.    Since he came to me on a Friday, we named him Friday.

That was the beginning of a 4-month recovery.  Each small step was one more day Friday was alive, but no promises for the next.

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I've taken my cats to Dr. Dhaliwal since he opened, and have total faith in him with my furry kids. 

But I've never had a cat so sick, so hurt as Friday. Dr. Dhaliwal said he'd rarely seen a cat battered this badly survive, but "this cat wants to live, and we must try."   In his quiet way, Dr. Dhaliwal seemed to commune with Friday,  " what can we do for you today that will help you live, ease your pain".With Dr. Dhaliwal's skill, Friday's will, and the caring staff at Mich Ave Animal Hospital,  he survived.  

Now Friday's my big boy, a beautiful silky silver bundle of love.   I'm so lucky, and I can truly say "TGIF!"  every day. Thank you so many times over for my beautiful, loving Friday. 

Julie Brown


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