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Carmel's Story

Nov 01 2007


Carmel found himself meeting the staff due to a torn ACL and was in need of surgery. Due to swift care and attentiveness from the entire team, my recovery was quick and supported thoroughly. Hear Carmel's story from his parents:

Hi human peeps, my name is Carmel, and yes if you’re wondering I am just as sweet as the gooey treat. I’m a 3-year and 9-month-old Pitt/Terrier mix with a sweet, goofy personality that loves attention. There’s nothing I like better than visits that include ear scratches, belly rubs, snuggles, and outdoor fun. I love walks, runs, and spending quality time with my favorite humans. I can also do well with other dogs but this girl needs proper introductions to get the party started.

I’ve had quite the topsy-turvy few months but I haven’t let anything keep my naturally happy, sweet spirit down for long. I thought I had found my fur-ever home a few years ago but things didn’t work out as planned and I found myself back here at FMAR late last year. The good people here took me back in and soon noticed I was having some trouble walking which they knew wasn’t normal for me.

Silly me, I must have got overzealous with my playing a while back and I guess my caretakers didn’t catch it before returning me. I soon found myself at the clinic under the care of Dr. Dhaliwal who pronounced that I had a torn ACL which he said was the most common orthopedic injury in dogs and that I would need surgery.

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No time was wasted and Dr. Dhaliwal and his staff got the green light to fix me up. I sure was nervous but knew in my plus-size heart all would turn out right in the end. Since the injury was old and I’ve put on a few pounds, my recovery time was doubled and it’s been quite a bore not playing or running for these last 10 weeks. Thank goodness for my big red Kong toy, if I didn’t have it to chew and hold onto I’d be bored silly!

My leg is really feeling better and as soon as I get the all-clear my plan is to race around the yard here till I’m dizzy and exhausted since I have 10 weeks of play to make up for. I’d love to meet my new fur-ever family soon and since my calendar is pretty freed up right now it would be a great time to give the shelter a call to schedule a visit with me, I guarantee I can satisfy anyone’s sweet-tooth craving.

Giant Hugs, Carmel

Carmel’s story is a great one for quick recovery from an Anterior cruciate ligament ( ACL) injury with advanced technique  (TTA surgery ) as compared to conventional surgery to repair ACL. The name of the surgery is "tibial tuberosity advancement ( TTA). The conventional surgery to repair a torn ACL in dogs involves stabilizing the joint with a fishing line.   TTA: The New Treatment for Canine ACL Rupture Rupture of the Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) in the Knee is the most common Orthopedic Injury in the Dog.


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