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Chachee's Story

Feb 02 2015


Chachee was diagnosed with Perineal Hernia, a common condition that affects male dogs. He met Dr. Dhaliwal and his team for surgery and received special care that aided in steady progress in his recovery. This is his story, as told by his parents:

In early fall of 2014 my male Boxer, “Chachee” was diagnosed with a Perineal Hernia. A common condition I discovered that affects male dogs that are intact. It is a muscle tear near the rectal wall. I learned more about this condition when I went to the clinic's website. At this site, it goes into depth about this condition. I found this very helpful. I immediately made a call and arrange a consultation with Dr. Dhaliwal. I drove with Chachee from Farmington Hills to Ypsilanti the day after Thanksgiving. Dr. Dhaliwal was excellent at explaining and sketching to me what actually happened with my Boxer. 

More importantly in the past year alone, Dr. Dhaliwal performed eight Perineal Hernia surgeries.  After talking to him about the Art of Surgery, he explained each surgery is different.  Before surgery begins, he mentally goes through all the steps. Dr. Dhaliwal shows great passion for his craft as a surgeon. Chachee also was fond of him as well. At this point, I arranged to prepare him for his up-and-coming surgery. That day his team did the blood work and other tests to see if Chachee was healthy for this surgery.

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We planned Chachee’s surgery during the school holiday break since I am an educator. This way we could care for him post-op. Chachee had his surgery on a Friday, and picked him up at the hospital late Saturday afternoon. The operation went well. Dr. Dhaliwal repaired the muscle, and also castrated Chachee. On the third day I could see my dog acting normal and looking healthy.  He played with his toys even though he had a shield on. The following Saturday Chachee had a check-up with Dr. Dhaliwal. He checked his beautiful stitch work and was very happy of his progress on healing. A week later Chachee and I were back to remove his stitches.

Well, two weeks have passed since Chachee’s stitches were removed and his shaved area is starting to grow his beautiful brindle coat. I decided to have Dr. Dhaliwal and his team for my veterinarian services. The drive for us to the hospital is worth the professional surgical skills and great hospital facilities they have. I highly recommend them to my friends both human and four-legged babies.

Mindy Mitchell


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